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Welcome wholeheartedly to all of you on this website everytimeshayari.com. Shayari, Motivation Thoughts and Quotes are accessed through this website. Since people often have to resort to quotes, Shayari, and thoughts to express their feelings. So here all the posts related to all types of categories are written by different authors.

Also, anyone who is fond of writing and wants to spread his poems and expressions to people can use this website. For this, they have to send their poems and Shayari to the Submit form page. And all those poems and Shayari will be posted after approval by our authors.

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Our team consists of good people with a lot of experience. College students, the elderly, and professionals are all connected to this site. Right now a team of 5 people is working on this site.

Also, if someone wants to join this site and publish their articles, they can send their articles.

Thanking You.