Best Motivational Life Quotes, Poems | Life saying quotes in 2021

Motivational Life Inspirational Quotes

Motivational Life Quotes are an important part of our life. And often we start our life with inspiration from some or the other. Also, all these motivational speeches, quotes, etc. are found in the form of motivational poems, stories, etc.

So, here are some unique formats of quotes and poems available in this article.

Motivational Life Quotes, Poems | Life saying quotes

1. When Warped finds its Beauty,
When Squeezed finds its Fullness
Life unfolds its Grandeur.

It Costs us High!!

2. It Costs us High
To Shake it Off
All the Fears and Failures
To get Strength to our Wings
To Soar high in the Heavens
Above all Odds
It Costs you High
To feel lighter
To just Jump in
And Dive deep into yourself
To find that absolute stillness
Where you can hear
That silent whisper of your Heart
Of what it thinks of you
How much it Loves you
And the Treasures it had for you
It Costs us High
Costs our Struggles & Strength
Costs our Presence & Patience
Costs our Hope
And on the other side…
It’s all worth it!!

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3. Yes!!!!
Our Destiny is Not Decided
by the Winds or Waves
We’ve got Strength to move Against the Flow
to reach our Destiny…
to meet our Purpose…
But on a Stormy Day
When the Strength in us is no more Sufficient…
to move ahead…
Then Just Go with the Flow…
Because we can’t stop the Storm…
Or could change the direction of Wind
And we don’t want to get Lost…
So just Go with the Flow!!
It might cause a Bit Delay
But not the End…
Don’t Get Stuck…
Just Move On!!!!!

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4. Facing Rejection requires Bravery
facing rejected requires compassion
Turning that rejection to recourse require skills.

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5. Selflessness is the highest degree of achievement,
But it all Relies on how you define that Self.

6. You can unwind in the serenity of life,
If at all you can discern
The source of what you Receive “Mind or Heart”.

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7. Most times we hardly try
To squeeze ourselves or
To stretch ourselves 
To fit into something
Or into someone else’s requirement
Yes sometimes it’s okay
But when it costs your life
Your identity &
Your freedom…
Then just be bold to Let Go...
And keep waiting
Until you’ll get a position
Into Which, 
Only you 
The real you
With all your pros and cons
Would exactly fit…

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8. There is always Hope…
Though the situations seems like dried up
With no resources
And left alone
Like desert
But as the cactus plant Bloom in the desert
Just Bloom where you’re placed
Don’t look unto the situations
Make the best out of the worst
In every situation you face…

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9. Dear Life!!
You’re so beautiful &
So new every single day
You bring beauty to every creature
And even you make the stones to dance
When you get into them…
We can experience you
And we can narrate every moment
But we can’t define you
Cos, you’re beyond any definition
You’re like a sweet Lie
You just Bloom like Bud
And falls away withering
You’re like a beautiful Rainbow
With all the colors and magic
But you just fade away in a while
You’re like a glittery color paper
In the hands of the magician
Appears one way &
Disappears the other way…
We the human beings
Sometimes we laugh
Sometimes we cry
We love each other
We express all our emotions
We’re so blissful and beautiful
As long as you are in us
But you know what!
You are a villain too…
Yes, you are!
You just leave us ruthlessly
Somewhere in our journey
And you see us laying down
Like a stone with no movements
Yet! you’re so sweet
Cos, you’re nothing
But the magic in the hands of the Creator
You just listen to your master
And that’s your Beauty
Love you
Dear Zindagi…

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10. What we Live is Already Lived Somewhere
We only need to go back to History,
We are just an Extension to the Existing.

11. Things that you ignore today,
You have to pay for it later someday.

12. When you are so tired
Of crawling with all the Heaviness of past
Of all those Bitter Experiences
Those Failures
Those Sad Memories
And that Story Floating in Tears
When you are so tired
Just Lock them up
In a “Dark Room”
And let the Light of Hope shine on You
To rise & run
Not Everyone Deserves
To know about
Or to see that secret world of yours
And you need not open it for everyone
It’s your time to catch the speed
It’s your time to run
Just move on!!!

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