Top 10+ Best Teaching Philosophy Quotes in 2021

philosophy quotes

Teaching Philosophy Quotes

Every person has his own attitude, thoughts, and beliefs towards life. So, taking lessons from the realization of their lives, they present their thinking and beliefs to the world through some philosophical quotes. In addition, through their Teaching Philosophy Quotes, they also encourage and motivate people.

So here some philosophical things are presented here which are a collection of different subjects. And all these philosophical things cover the following topics. For example philosophy of education quotes, philosophy quotes on life, philosophy in life quotes, philosophy of mind quotes, philosophy quotes about change, philosophy quotes about happiness, etc.

Teaching Philosophy Quotes

Every Living Being is an Engine geared to the wheelwork of the universe.
Though seemingly affected only by its immediate surroundings,
the spare of external influence extends to infinity distance.

philosophy quotes

The Greatest cause any man can serve is that divinely designed for him & intended to be his.
It is the cause of mankind, which operates within the Divine Design & bears man upward to the very Threshold of Divinity.

Chance is a word void of sense,
Nothing can exist without a cause.

Money is a HOAX,
Debt is Slavery
Media is manipulation
Religion is control
The system is A lie.

The cost of sanity in this society is a certain level of alienation.

Anyone that encourages Intellectual,
Emotional, Artistic, OR spiritual growth is worth keeping.
Don’t let them go.

Where Motion ceases,
the master said,

GOD Made Women first
{As always ladies first}
Because God always prefers a rough
draft before a final sketch.

Living Resurrection is the Greatest spiritual journey a person can hope
to experience in their lifetime.

“Every Master was once a Disaster”.

” You don’t need religion to have morals.
if you can’t determine right from wrong,
then you lack empathy, not religion.”

It is useless to have a learned tongue but an ignorant heart.

I was raised among books,
making invisible friends in pages
that seemed cast from dust,
And the whose smell. I carry on my hands to this day.

Today’s people prefer to play with other’s feelings rather than toys.

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